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All our aggregate products are available for pick-up or delivery. If you have a truck with an open bed, we can load you with our bobcat. If not, that's okay! You can choose to have the product delivered and dumped in your driveway. All of our aggregate is sold by the closest 1/2 yard, however we have a 1 yard minimum for delivery. Our truck holds up to 5 yards of material at a time. If you need more don't worry! We'll make sure you get the full amount that you need. If you have a car and wish to buy bags, our material is pre-filled and ready for pick-up. Simply show your receipt to the guys in the yard and they will be happy to load them for you.

Limestone Screenings

Limestone Screenings is used as a base for interlocking stone, patio stones and retaining walls.

3/4 Clear Gravel

The main use for Clear Gravel is drainage. It goes around weeping tile when waterproofing to help carry the water away. It is also used as a base for a concrete pad.

BRick Sand

Brick Sand is used for mixing masonry or for is perfect for children's sandboxes. It does not have any stones and is very fine.

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand is used for mixing concrete. It is also used as a bedding sand for leveling interlocking or patio stones.

3/4 Crusher Run

If you are creating a base deeper than 4" you should use crusher run. It is a high strength material that packs almost as good as concrete. It is used under driveways and heavily travelled walkways.

'A' Gravel

A Gravel (Granular A) is added to portland cement to make concrete. This is commonly used for fence post cement. It is also used for a base beneath concrete sand if Unilock pavers are being installed.

1/4" Chip (High Performance Bedding HPB)

This is a new product to the GTA and many contractors are starting to use it for walkway and patio applications. It is a base material for interlocking stone that does not require compaction prior to installing the paver. The 1/4" chip allows water to drain so it is ideal for wet areas of your landscape.

River Rock (2-4")

Our decorative stone ranges in size from 2-4" (some 6" may be included as well). It is great for lining a walkway or around tree beds.

Triple Mix Soil

Our Triple Mix is a combination of Peat, Manure and Top Soil. It does not contain any sand. It is great for garden beds and re-seeding your lawn.

Brown Cedar Mulch

Natural Cedar mulch is not coloured so it stays beautiful for a long period of time. Use it to help suppress weed growth in your garden. ​Black Cedar Mulch is also available.

3/8" Stone ( Pea Gravel) 

Pea Gravel is used for mixing concrete, dog runs, and flat-roof repairs.

The various types of gravel, sand and limestone are designed for use for specific applications. Please call us or come in today to discuss the right product for you. All are available by the bag or yard for delivery or pick-up. If you have a small truck with an open bed we can use our half yard bucket to load you. It is important that during peak spring and summertimes you place your orders in advance either in-store or over the phone to ensure that you receive your materials before you start your project.

Sand & Gravel Bags

Chapman's has pre-filled bags of screening, various gravel sizes, sand, Triple Mix and Mulch available for pick-up. Our yard staff has them ready and will load them into your vehicle upon purchase. Just visit us in the store to pay and then make your way to the warehouse.

All of our products are available for pick-up or delivery. Delivery is available to the Greater Toronto Area specializing in Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, and Markham. As a full service landscaping and building supplies store, Chapman's offers many more products that you would find at a traditional Garden Centre.